For the Twitterati (you know who you are)

twitter bird

I confess … I use Twitter.

I’m not addicted to it as some people are, you are quite unlikely to see me walking down the street aimlessly sliding my finger across my smart phone looking for the latest 140 character inspiration!

What you will discover if you ‘follow’ me, is that I have a pretty wide range of interests and interesting people that I follow but they tend to have one thing in common.  The whole vast majority of them are in the sciences.

You will find planetary scientists, geologists, astronauts (lots of them), atmospheric chemists, cosmologists and astronomers (see a trend?).  I follow some pretty famous people like Buzz Aldrin, and (the ghost of) Werner Von Braun.

I follow instruments and robots like the Greenbank Observatory, the Hubble Telescope and the Chandra.  I follow Voyager and the Mars Science Laboratory.  I follow the ISS and NASA … (lots and lots of NASA)

I’m a chemist you see, I got into the field because I considered it a ‘foundational’ science, right up there mathematics, physics and biology.  You can think of them as the Quadravium of modern times – I know I do.

My hero’s tend towards those individuals who did incredible things.  Von Braun and Galileo come immediately to mind but then so do Barbara McClintock and Yvonne Brill.

Follow me as you wish but please keep in mind that 140 characters will never replace Shakespeare or Arthur Conan Doyle.  Twitter may be a spark to some, but it is an awfully dim spark to me since I spend my days and parts of my nights buried in the journals, testing ideas and doing research.

But don’t keep that from following me along on my adventures, I don’t mind the company, not at all, but don’t feel let down if all I do is make observations about … well … observations.

After all, that is what science is really all about, making observations and from those observations making sense of the beautiful chaos of our natural world.